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Bright Ideas , Fine Organic .

Here at DAIJO, we use ingredients from all over Japan. If you're interested in Japanese food, we know you’ll leave happy.
Every morning, I go to the mountain to pick up flowers and wild plants to decorate and cooking in my restaurant.
Our menu, the chef’s special course dinner,changes daily. Please inform us in advance if you have such as your hate ingredients and allergies.
We also offer a Vegan Menu that does not use animal protein, animal-derived seasonings or dairy products.
Would you please your reservations at least 3 days before for the Vegan Menu.

お料理は、お席が少ない為おまかせのコース料理のみとなります。 内容は月替りではなく、その日の天候や食材に合わせて随時変更しております。お皿数に応じて3パターンございますが、量的なことやお料理の組み合わせなどは柔軟に対応させて頂いておりますので、ご遠慮なくご要望をお伝えくださいませ。




Recent Menu

It's a menu of one day...
Cooking changes everyday, but composition is the same.
It may be changed due to arrival of ingredients and the weather of that day.

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Vegan Menu