DAIJO   Bright Ideas, Fine Organic .


DAIJO    Bright Ideas, Fine Organic .

Vegan Menu

Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.
Our vegan menu is free of animal proteins, animal-derived ingredients and dairy products.
The main ingredients are edible wild plants and flowers picked in the morning, organic vegetables, seasonal fruits, tofu, yuba, namafu, soy milk, kelp, seaweed, and soy meat. and so on...
The main seasonings are olive oil, domestic rapeseed oil, soy sauce, sea salt, maple syrup, and domestic brown sugar. and so on...
Vegan friendly wines are also available.

Not all of our menus are vegan.
Please note that our kitchen also prepares meat, fish and dairy products in addition to vegan options.
However, the Japanese peoples have a long tradition of eating only the amount of meat, fish, and vegetables they need, which makes a lot of sense. We want all our guests to enjoy their dinner. This is the wish of Chef Daijo Yoshida.

= Vegan Menu of the Day =

Would you please your reservations at least 3 days before.
¥ 9,000 tax excluded.

Morning-picked organic vegetables salad.
Tomate dressing

“Tempura”and vegetables hors d'oeuvre

Kitchen garden Genovese Pasta

Japanese white radish steak
with soy meat sauce

Morning picked fig grilled
with magngo sugar

Original blended flavored tea

Homemade bread natural yeast

※ It may be changed depending on the arrival ingredients.